Green Valley Ranch Dental - Dental staff treating possible new staff like ***

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Where do I start. Came in for working interview with many years experience in dentistry. After waiting for 5 mins in waiting I walked thru the door to the back to find 3 employees standing there.Red Flag.I introduced myself.

Was thrown into a new patient exam with the already have an attitude dental assistant.Very short with me. Red flag.

Then while assisting the Dr., the financial/insurance person Lesa interrupts treatment(Red Flag) and pulls me out of the treatment room. Then I am told you're out of here. Was told I had a "attitude" and that my check will be in the mail.Red Flag. Well if anyone had an "attitude" it was Lesa.

Now remember this is written by someone that has worked in the dental field for many years. 4 Red Flags, should have never walked in the back office.

I love marketing. You do a good job, you tell 5 people; you do a crappy job, you tell the world. Remember Red Flags

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